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Replacement Product Slideshow
One of our clients requested assistance with an existing product slideshow used on one of their websites. A product slideshow is a set of rotating images used to highlighting "featured" services and products on a website.
The client asked us to create a replacement product slideshow with the same "look and feel" of their existing slideshow. The client wanted to replace the existing slideshow implementation because it could not be viewed on some mobile devices including iPhones and iPads.
The client's original product slideshow was implemented using Adobe® Flash® animation technology. Due to a long-running disagreement between Apple, Adobe and others, a Flash player is not available for several brands of mobile devices.
In five days, we evaluated several alternatives and created a prototype "replacement" product slideshow built using JavaScript technology. Unlike Flash, JavaScript is supported on PCs as well as all popular mobile devices including iPhones and iPads.
Below is the replacement product slideshow we created.
This replacement product slideshow was designed and implemented such that all aspects of the slideshow (width, height, number of content buttons, color, images, links, ...) can be easily changed for use on other websites.
Please contact us for more information about adapting this product slideshow for use on another website.