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About Us
PAB Web Solutions focuses on helping small businesses by designing affordable website solutions and providing consulting services for PC hardware, PC software, and computer networking. We are based in St. Louis, Missouri and work with small businesses in the metropolitan area, the rest of Missouri and surrounding states.
In addition to small business clients, we regularly assist individual consumers in the St. Louis area. In many cases, such individuals will initially contact us based on a personal word-of-mouth recommendation from one of our small business clients.
PAB Web Solutions is led by Paul Braun. Paul has over 25 years of experience in the software engineering field and he has been working with web-based technology since 1993. Paul has both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in Computer Science along with a second Master of Science degree in Engineering Management.
Because of his technical experience and educational background, Paul has a thorough understanding of computer-related technology. At the same time, he also possesses unique insight into how this technology can be effectively applied to help individuals and small business owners.
At PAB Web Solutions, we realize that modern technology can be overwhelming to the average person. This is especially true when a problem occurs and one has no idea where to begin to resolve it. Whether we are working on a website or computer-related issue, we are adept at explaining things in easy-to-understand terms without the usual technobabble.
We are happy to assist small businesses and individuals however we can - creating a new website, upgrading an existing website or helping to resolve a computer-related issue. We understand that when you ask for such assistance, you want to work with someone who is honest and dependable as well as technically competent. Our goal is to provide the website solution or services requested in a manner that exceeds your expectations.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about a computer-related service request or would like to discuss a potential website project.