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This page contains a portfolio of some of the websites that we have created for clients. For each one, there is some general information about the client along with a short description of their website including any custom features. In addition, you can view the actual website by clicking on the client's name or the webpage image.
Chop Shop Barbers is a vintage barber shop in Omaha, Nebraska. Their website provides general information about their shop and also contains some special features so they can better serve their customers.
One such feature is a webcam that customers can use to check how many individuals are currently waiting for a haircut. As Chop Shop Barbers only takes walk-ins and does not accept appointments, the webcam page is very popular with their customers.
Another helpful feature is a monthly calendar showing holiday closing days, staff vacations and other such events where their shop staff members are working hours different than their normal schedule.
More information about both of these custom features can be found on our Solutions page.
Rusty and Sons Lawncare is a full-service lawncare company. Their website provides potential customers with detailed information about their lawncare, landscaping and snow removal services.
Like several other sites on this portfolio page, the Rusty and Sons Lawncare site was built using a package called WordPress. WordPress is open-source software that provides an easy-to-use web-based interface to create and update individual pages on a website.
WordPress also provides a simple mechanism, called themes, to change the front-end styling of a website. Many different Wordpress themes exist -- this website uses the Mesmerize theme.
More information can be found at
Wyndemere Estates is a subdivision located in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri. The Homeowners Association (HOA) uses a website to provide residents with details about various subdivsion events along with general community information.
Individual homeowners can register on the website to access a portion of it which contains restricted content. That content includes HOA meeting minutes, yearly operating budgets, community newsletters and information from the HOA's management company.
The HOA can update the contents of individual web pages and control other aspects of the website because it was created using WordPress.
ePapers provides a web-based solution for the collection, peer review and publication preparation of technical papers for various scientific and engineering conferences. Their website provides potential customers with information about their services and the features of their web-based application.
Like other websites on this page, the ePapers website uses software called WordPress. The ePapers team requested a WordPress-based site so that they could easily make minor content changes through the web-based interface provided by the WordPress software.
The website's unique styling is achieved through its Wordpress theme -- it uses the Uncode theme from the Undsgn author team.
Cardinal Automotive & Tire is family owned automotive service and tire business in St. Peters, Missouri. Their website gives potential new customers detailed information about their products and services.
As they moved to a new location in 2010, their website prominently displays their address, phone number and business hours on each page. In addition, their "Hours & Directions" page uses a Google Maps map to show their new location. This map is both scrollable and zoomable, and also includes a link to a larger map which can generate custom driving directions.
More information about map & directions pages can be found on our Solutions page.

Kruz Kennel Services
Kruz Kennel Services is a family owned & operated kennel located in Waterloo, Illinois. Their website provides pet owners with details about their kennel services and rates.
Their website also includes a page about their sales of AKC Pomeranians puppies. Because of the availability of puppies is constantly changing, this page contains a status area that can be updated by the owner with no changes to the website.
The status area is a custom feature on this website and is very similar to the status area on the "Specials & News" page on the Teson Barber Shop website. More information about the owner-updatable status area can be found on our Solutions page.
Teson Barber Shop is a full-service barber shop located in Hazelwood, Missouri. Their website provides basic information to current and potential customers including their phone number, address and a price list of services they offer at their shop.
Custom features on this website include a webcam that customers can use to check how many individuals are currently waiting for a haircut and a status area on the "Specials & News" page that can be updated by the owner with no changes to the website.
More information about both of these custom features can be found on our Solutions page.
DM Images is an Omaha-based photographer specializing in limited edition prints. Their website is on-line gallery where customers can view a selection of landscape, scenery, nature, and animal images.
Their website consists of an introductory page and set of six galleries. Each gallery page displays approximately 50 photographs in a rotating slideshow.
A custom feature is that the contents of each gallery is controlled by a simple text file. By updating the text file, the owner can add, change, or remove images in a gallery with no modification to the website.
Further details about this owner-configurable image gallery can be found on our Solutions page.